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Magical Story Behind Parallax Scrolling Website: Pixel Fable

Written on June 19, 2012, by

Parallax Scrolling technology has been used by agencies and designers around the world to produce stunning one page websites that promote brand or product, e.g., Nike Jumpman and Beetle, and to present company or persona, e.g. Kinetic and Anna Safroncik. But nobody does it quite like Senongo Akpem, an interactive designer from Nigeria who is  Read More »

10 Mind-blowing One Page Product Websites

Written on April 10, 2012, by

We present to you with our ten mind-blowing one page product websites from around the world. These websites are hand-picked from well-known brands, such as Nike and Beetle, and others from emerging and innovative products, such as Tatchies and in2headphones.

Applying Responsive Layout to One Page Websites

Written on March 5, 2012, by

There is no one fixed solution on applying Responsive Layout to one page websites because all greatly depend on what type of one page website you are designing. So before you get your mouse dirty and start designing, get a better understanding of the relationship between Responsive Layout and one page websites.

Isotope Menu Highlight Using Selected Class

Written on January 30, 2012, by

Isotope by Metafizzy is an exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts. From producing the current trend of responsive and dynamic layouts to the ability of filtering item elements, the possibilities for a truly magical layout are endless with Isotope. As a new fan of Isotope we recently developed our one page theme Silhouette with it  Read More »