We are happy to announce our latest service: Hosted Theme Subscription. Instead of purchasing theme individually now you can choose to subscribe to your favorite theme hosted on our server and simply use the upgraded OnePageCMS to edit and manage it online!

Why Hosted Theme?

Using a hosted theme is perfect for users who need website temporarily such as for weddings and marketing campaigns, and also perfect for users who couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of finding a hosting company and setting up website from scratch.

How Much Is It?

Choose from monthly theme subscription at $11/month or save 11% by subscribing yearly. When you are browsing one our one page themes, simply click on “subscribe to this theme” and it will take you to the Hosted Theme Subscription page. Example below:

subscribe to this theme

You can learn more about our Hosted Theme Subscription at: http://onepagetheme.com/hosted-theme-subscription/