Last Update: 23 April 2014

What is a one page website?

A one page website uses one HTML file as the entire website. For it to be navigationally efficient, a combination of CSS3 and jQuery library (javascript) are utilized as its form of interactivity. You know your website is a one pager if it stays on the same browser page upon a navigation menu link selection.

What is a one page HTML theme?

A one page HTML theme is an predesigned and developed HTML and PSD package to be used AS IS or modify as necessary. Each theme comes with web and graphic assets in a zipped file format.

Why should I buy a one page theme?

Purchasing a one page theme is useful for those with limited website development skills and for designers and/or developers who want a quick and efficient website solution for themselves or to offer their clients.

Is it a WordPress theme?

No, our themes are NOT WordPress themes. They are simply an HTML theme that you can easily edit using any chosen editor, e.g., DreamWeaver, TextEdit, etc. and upload straight to your web server.

What’s the difference between a WordPress theme and an HTML theme?

With an HTML theme there is NO database setup and WordPress installation required. Simply upload the index.html or index.php file with its CSS and javascript folders straight to your web server.

I have purchase a one page theme. What should I do now?

Extract theme assets from its zipped file, it should contain a theme folder and a graphics folder; edit theme or use our Website Setup Service; lastly upload modified theme folder straight to your web server.

What is Hosted Theme Subscription?

Instead of purchasing a theme individually now you can subscribe to a theme at a monthly or yearly subscription. Perfect for temporary users such as wedding websites and advertising micro sites. Cancel anytime.

How much does the Hosted Theme Subscription costs?

$11/month or save 11% with yearly subscription. PayPal account is required.

What do I get with the hosted theme subscription plan?

Each theme subscription comes with unlimited access to OnePageCMS for easy editing, a free subdomain, e.g., www.yourname.onepagetheme.com and priority technical support.

What is the difference between purchasing theme individually and hosted theme subscription?

When you purchase a theme, you will need to have a hosting space with a web hosting service provider, e.g., Media Temple, BlueHost, etc. to host your one page website. While hosted theme is hosted at our server thus reducing the burden of managing your own hosting space; and it comes with unlimited access to OnePageCMS for easy editing.

I want to use OnePageCMS to edit but host the theme at my server instead. Can I do that?

Yes, you can; at an additional price. Learn more at Hosted Theme Subscription page.

At the end of my hosted theme subscription I’d like to move my website to another server. Can I do that?

No, as you are subscribing to a web hosting and editing service. We cannot move assets to a different server.

What happen at the end of my subscription or if I cancel early?

At the end of subscription or after a cancelation you have thirty days grace period in which you can reactivate your account. After grace period passes, your theme assets will be remove permanently from our server. If you cancel early, your account will be deactivated at the end of your last payment period.

I have purchased a theme and I would like someone to help me insert the content. Are you able to provide that service for a fee?

Yes, we can. Learn more about it at our Website Setup Service page.

I am not tech-savvy at all and have no idea on how to setup up a website myself and I’m interested in your Website Setup Service. What do I get with it?

Service starting at $150 (subject to change) which includes:

  • Domain and FTP account setup (optional; need your written authorization)
  • Theme content edits, e.g., logo, texts, images, etc.
  • Basic SEO setup, e.g., keywords, descriptions, etc.
  • Google Analytics setup (optional; by request)
  • Modified theme assets upload to your server

Learn more about it at our Website Setup Service page.

How does Website Setup Service works?

We will begin work after we have received payment and your website contents; your website will be live within 24-48 hours, excluding client reviews. Written access authorization to your server is required. Setup service does not include custom design and development. If custom work is requested, simply contact us, we love to discuss it with you.

How can I change the colors of my chosen theme design?

Some themes have their own color schemes that can be switch back and forth according to your needs, e.g., Silhouette Dark and Silhouette Light. To change the color styling of your chosen theme you can modify its CSS file located in theme.css. Important: When modifying or adding your custom styling please use custom.css instead.

What is covered under your technical support?

We covered theme updates, theme fixes (before it is modified by client), OnePageCMS issues, our hosting server issues and general theme inquiries. Technical support is not provided on CSS design related fixes on client’s modified theme, e.g., changing layout, color, fonts, etc. as we are not responsible for theme design modification by clients after purchase. If custom work is requested, simply contact us, we love to discuss it with you.

I want to host the theme myself. Do you have a recommended web hosting service provider?

Yes, you can sign up with Media Temple, our trusted web hosting service provider by clicking on the banner below.

web hosting by media temple

Are your themes not work well in IE8 and IE9? They look weird on the demo pages.

We can 100% assure you that all our themes work well in IE8 and IE9. The reason why the demo pages look weird on IE is because of an HTML-protector script that are not viewable (specifically) on IE. So therefore, it is highly recommended to view the demo pages using modern browsers, e.g., Firefox, Chrome, etc.