Website setup service

Website Setup Service

A basic website setup service to get you started on your one page website.

All-in-one service

Our Website Setup Service is perfect for those who have limited (or no) web development knowledge and for those who don’t have the time to tinker with website setup and modifications. Leave all the dirty work to us! You don’t have to lift a finger (unless it is for something that requires your authorization). Contact us to request pricing *.

Live website within 24 hours!?

You will receive a PayPal invoice (payable upfront), and after sending us your payment our team will contact you to get your website information. You will have a live website within 24 hours** from the time you provide us with all your website information and materials.

Sounds interesting! What do I get?

Glad you think so! By using our service to set up your one page theme you will get the following items:

  • Domain setup service, e.g. registration, DNS propagation, etc. (optional; by request)
  • Web hosting referral (optional; by request)
  • FTP account setup (need your written authorization to login to your hosting account)
  • Content modification, e.g., replace logo, texts, images, etc.
  • For theme with gallery: Image thumbnails conversion
  • Basic Meta tags setup, e.g., keywords, descriptions, etc.
  • Google Analytics setup (optional; by request)
  • Modified theme assets upload to chosen server
  • OnePageCMS account setup

This basic setup service does not include any custom design or development work. But no worries, we also do Custom Theme Work service to truly make the themes your own. You get all the above service items plus custom work items based from your brief. If you are curious, simply ask us about Custom Theme Work service and we’ll get it going for you.

Stuff we need

We will need the following before we can begin work:

  • To inform us if you need the following: Domain setup and web hosting referral.
  • FTP login information (so we can upload the modified assets to your server).
  • Your written authorization for us to access your server.
  • Logo and text content (provide us with each page/section on a word doc).
  • Images for gallery (provide us with numbered images in lowercase with no spaces, e.g., image1.jpg, image2.jpg, image3.jpg, etc., we prefer each image under 300KB in size).
  • Meta description and keywords, and Google Analytics tracking code (all optional).

Leave your one page theme setup to us instead. To get started, request this service now and send us an inquiry.

*One (1) service purchase is valid for one (1) website theme setup. Multiple themes require multiple service purchases, e.g., 3 one page themes needs 3 Website Setup Service purchases. Price does not include any custom design or web development (can be request on a separate Estimate). Price is subject to change and varies upon the complexity of modifications requested; additional fees might be charged on a separate invoice. This service is labor-based and non-refundable. Subject to terms and conditions. Not valid with any discount or promotion.

**Excluding domain propagation time (varies per web hosting company). Custom development work will be more than 24 hours; the approximate completion time is varied.

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