5 SEO Tips for One Page Websites

One page website is a great way to showcase your company or business, but how can we successfully apply SEO to only one page? The good news is that you can be on the first page of Google search even with a one page website simply by laying a strong SEO foundation. To start, you can try these 5 SEO tips for one page websites, and with a little elbow grease and lots of patience you can achieve SEO greatness.

1. Keywords and Phrases

5 SEO Tips for One Page Websites

First thing you need to do is to determine your website keywords or key phrases that are relevant to your company or business, e.g. if you are a Magento web designer in Irvine, California you may want to use: “Irvine Magento Web Designer” as your keywords. To help you out, here’s a good read on perfecting keyword targeting on page optimization.

Apply your keywords to the title tag, Meta tags and page content. Since we don’t have the luxury of multiple pages, the trick here is to produce as many keywords repetition throughout your one HTML page without overstuffing it, e.g., optimizing your images with the use of ALT tags. The main objective is to have your one page website to be crawled and indexed with your relevant keywords thus increasing the chance to have your one page website shown via related search terms.

2. Referral links / Back links (link building)

Accumulating back links or link building is probably one of the most understated method of SEO for one page websites. To start link karma, you need to venture out to the webosphere and gain referral links from blogs or other websites (preferably the ones that have solid reputation) and social media platforms, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc. There are three popular ways to grow your back links:

  1. Write about your company and services on popular blogs relevant to your industry. Of course, make sure to provide link back to your one page website.
  2. Submit your one page website to web galleries and award sites, and if it is unique enough it will garner new visitors to your website. This includes being listed on “website showcase list” blog articles (which btw, get most of their list from web galleries).
  3. Be socially active and tweet or post updates every day as this will promote awareness of your company and services and gain followers thus driving traffic to your website.

3. Write a Blog

Blog allows you to produce new contents that are relevant to your website’s objectives and goals, resulting in increased traffic to your one page website. The trick here is to create the blog on a separate page within your website directory, e.g., yourwebsite.com/blog/ Thanks to Zagoumenov.com for this tip! Make sure to optimize your blog articles with the keywords found in your one page website to ensure the most relevant results in search engines.

4. Advertise: Google Adwords and Blog Ads

5 SEO Tips for One Page Websites

Good old advertisement campaigns still work because they generate traffic with a higher chance of sales conversions. The most popular pay-per-click campaign that utilizes keywords and search queries is Google Adwords which allows you to target visitors and monitor for keywords that work best for you. Another option is to advertise on popular blogs by directly contacting blog owners or using third-party ad providers, e.g., BuySellAds (BSA) to advertise.

5. Use Website Analytics

5 SEO Tips for One Page Websites

It is highly recommended to use Web Analytics software such as Google Analytics to monitor your website performance and campaigns. If you have done everything that we recommended from this list, you should be able to track your SEO efforts via your Analytics and tweak your campaigns for goal conversions.

Averagely, it usually take about 3-4 months time to see results, i.e., increased traffic, first page on Google, etc. from your SEO efforts. So for most of you, do not expect an overnight success after your first day of website launch. In fact, it is preferably to have a steady traffic increases and fluctuations in order to produce a (reasonable) average numbers for goal conversions because you can better manage the outcomes.

Set Your SEO Foundation

Our 5 SEO tips for one page websites are not bulletproof tricks for instant SEO success. They are provided to help you set up a foundation to achieve your SEO goals. Results may vary depending on how active you are with maintaining and monitoring your SEO, and with any Marketing efforts it takes a lot of dedication and time on your part. Here are other thoughts floating around the web forums about one page websites SEO:

Your turn to speak! What are your thoughts on SEO for one page websites? Do you have SEO tips that have worked for you in the past? For one page websites, to SEO or not to SEO? That is the question.

Written by: Siska Flaurensia
A Digital Designer and Front End Developer who has a chronic obsession with one page web design and development. Calls herself “Citizen of the World”, loves to travel, sing in the car, and eat red velvet cupcakes. Visit her website and follow her on Twitter.